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Gardeners and farmers, what an extraordinary lot we are.  We don’t mind getting dirty. We wear soil as a badge of honor — with dirt on our hands, under our nails, over our feet and in our hair — we don’t care.  Our business is to nurture, and nurture we do.

My parents introduced me to the beauty of nature and all she has to offer.  Childhood memories include my mother’s effort to bring back abandoned gardens at a newly purchased home.  With her sun-bronzed shoulders rising above surrounding flowers, I often found her wearing nothing more than a bra and dirt-streaked Bermudas, her shirt — having been tossed from her perspiring body — the collection point for weeds she was pulling in the heat of the day.

Many thanks to my folks for taking me by the hand and leading me down the garden path.  Many more thanks to the editors of Country Living, Yankee Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living Gardener, and Old House Journal’s New Old House who put my stories on the printed page.  Special thanks to art editor David Grenham of Britain’s Gardens Illustrated – the most beautiful gardening magazine in the world – for giving me the opportunity to work for them, I could not have asked for more.  Editor extraordinaire – Nancy Berry, helped form my thoughts then gave me free license to create, through photographs and writing, a long list of gardening columns and feature stories for Cape Cod Home, to Nancy I am forever indebted – thank you endlessly.

I hope you, the reader, will enjoy the following stories about people and places I have been fortunate to experience, gardens and farms made by ordinary people with extraordinary talents.

My very gardening best to you,

Jane Booth and best friend, Roxy, in a New England garden

Jane Booth and best friend, Roxy, in a New England garden

Jane Booth

Master Gardener

Member of ASMP:  www.asmp.org

Visit my other site:  www.janeboothphotography.com

Contact:  jane@janeboothphotography.com

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